PerceptionTV adds regionalisation to multiscreen IPTV/OTT offering


Joseph O'Halloran

| 11 August 2015

Aiming to enable content providers, TV start-ups and aggregators to personalise the platform by brand image, viewer location and regional content, PerceptionTV has added a regionalised version of its multiscreen IPTV/OTT platform.

The IPTV technology specialist's product is designed to offer in one user-interface what the company calls the four key components of TV— live TV, catch-up TV, video-on-demand (VOD) and cloud-based PVR — to any connected device. It also handles the management of content from source to consumption; a facet it claims allows total control and a significant reduction in cost.

The new regionalisation feature augments the core features whilst also presenting and managing individual propositions to regional viewers. These individual attributes could vary by targeted regional advertising and local programmes, thus presenting the possibility of operators to benefit from centralised data and encoding with added control and flexibility.

An example could be providing a hotel chain with a solution for the delivery of entertainment to TV screens both in room and on tablets in public areas via Wi-Fi and then configuring PerceptionTV to provide branded services to multiple rooms, multiple buildings and multiple hotels across the country. The platform could be branded dependent on location. The regionalised platform could also be used by content providers to allow viewers to tune in to their local channel subscription via mobile devices when on the go.

"How people consume TV is changing. People want to watch programmes and video anywhere, anytime so operators need to be agile enough to deliver this dynamic TV experience," said PerceptionTV CEO John Mills. "The demand for flexibility comes hand in hand with people's desire for personalised content. The regionalisation functionality achieves this by allowing content providers to strategically manage a number of regions with differing content via one efficient, cost-friendly platform."