Dramas dominate Ramadan 2015 satellite pay-TV programming



| 11 August 2015

Data from the Arab Advisors Group has revealed that the main focus of satellite pay-TV channels during Ramadan 2015 was on Arabic drama, comprising 59% of total series aired.

The report, Arabic Series on Satellite Pay TV Channels during Ramadan 2015 encompassed 61 Arabic series broadcast during the festival and found that out of the 22 satellite pay-TV channels covered including Masah, MBC HD, MBC+2 HD, MBC Drama HD, Hikayat, Hikayat 2, MBC+ Drama, OSN Yahala +2 HD, OSN Yahala HD, OSN Yahala Shabab, OSN Yahala Drama, Series +4, Series Channel, Al Safwa, Al Yawm, MTV Lebanon HD, Al Nahar HD, Al Nahar Drama HD, MBC 4, Rotana Plus HD, Rotana Khalijiyah +2 HD, and Abu Dhabi Drama + HD only one channel did not air any drama Arabic series

"Hikayat and Hikayat 2, which broadcast on OSN, had the highest number of aired Arabic series among the analysed 22 satellite pay-TV channels" commented Arab Advisors senior research analyst Hiba Rabadi. "The production of the analysed 61 Arabic series involved 51 production houses 31.1% of the analysed 61 series where co-produced by more than one production house."