Mobile making major mark on UK digital video



| 12 August 2015

As UK consumers continually embrace digital video viewing, just over half of UK smartphone users now watch video on their phones, according to research firm eMarketer.

eMarketer UK vid 1The firm's survey, conducted in July 2015, predicts that almost three-fifths of the UK's population will watch digital video content via any device at least once per month in 2015. This rises to nearly three-quarters to the country's Internet population. For 2016, the survey expects steady growth on both counts to 61% and 76.3% respectively.

Yet there will be much more than a steady rise in the amount of people using mobile devices for consuming video in the UK. Indeed eMarketer noted that more and more consumers are moving away from laptops and desktops toward tablets and smartphones and this year, for the first time, half of smartphone users in the UK will watch digital video on such devices.

Content type consumed varies greatly by age. While teens and young millennials were found to watch more digital video overall, with a preference for shorter-form content, they also over-index against the adult population for long-form paid content. "Where the UK stands out is in what and how its viewers watch. TV content is a particularly large part of digital video viewers' consumption," explained eMarketer analyst Bill Fisher. "When it comes to mobile, unlike in other European countries, the thirst for short-form content is less pronounced in the UK. Rather, long-form content reigns supreme, no matter the screen choice, and UK consumers are often willing to pay for the privilege."