Brazil's RIC TV taps Grass Valley for HD production


Gabriel Miramar-Garcia

| 12 August 2015

RIC TV, an affiliate of TV Record in Brazil, is expanding its investment in high definition (HD) production solutions from Grass Valley.

It will add LDX 80 series cameras and a Karrera K-Frame S-series switcher to outfit one of its production studios with a complete HD solution.

"Our experience with Grass Valley has shown us that this is the best equipment on the market for producing HD content and meeting the needs of our customers," said André Fronza, engineering and technology manager of RIC TV. "We look for suppliers who understand our business and work with us to take advantage of the latest innovations so that we can maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Grass Valley has been a trusted partner for a number of years — helping us grow and stay on top."

RIC TV purchased three LDX 80 Flex cameras with XCU base stations and one 2 M/E Karerra K-Frame S-series switcher. The LDX Flex is Grass Valley's advanced imaging, single-format 1080i or 720p camera. With the GV-eLicense programme, users have the ability to upgrade the LDX 80 Flex to any other camera in the LDX 80 Series, based on business and production needs.

Karrera K-Frame S-series switchers combine mid-range switcher performance with workflows and control of complex productions for multiformat support, including 1080p and 4KTV.

"The market in Brazil is very competitive, increasing the need to invest in solutions that are dependable, scalable, and capable of delivering outstanding quality," explained Cristiano Barbieri, sales manager for Brazil at Grass Valley. "RIC TV has found from experience that Grass Valley technology offers all those features and more. We look forward to a long relationship together."