TED taps Vme TV for Hispanic-oriented series


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 13 August 2015

The global non-profit organisation TED has chosen Spanish-language US network Vme TV to create a 13-episodes series, Soy TED, to inspire Hispanics to shape their future in the US.

The studio-produced programme will feature invited guests, as the famous format TED talks do, but is designed specifically for the Latino community. The series is set to debut on 25 September.

"When we looked at new ways to channel ideas from TED speakers to communities most likely to shape American society over the next decade, we kept coming back to the Hispanic public in the US," said Deron Triff, TED's director for global distribution and licensing. "Here's a group whose power and potential to transform America is accelerating rapidly."

Soy TED will be hosted by Vme TV's chairman Eduardo Hauser. The series will embrace TED's spirit of curiosity and learning through original videos to power new thinking around topics like innovation, science and food.

Guests already slated to participate include NASA astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz and Carlos Pez, one of the survivors of Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 who spent 72 days in the Andes.

"At Vme TV, we believe that smart, thoughtful television content directed at a new generation of upwardly mobile Latinos will influence important advancements in America," said Hauser. "With the increasing influence of our culture, we have a unique opportunity to share the wisdom of TED speakers in Spanish".