Volicon debuts VOD/OTT workflow


Michelle Clancy

| 13 August 2015

Volicon has introduced an accelerated video-on-demand/over-the-top (VOD/OTT) content generation workflow.

Based on the capture and share applications for the company's Observer Media Intelligence Platform, the platform's content-recording capabilities, intuitive user interface and integration with edit and media asset management (MAM) systems allows broadcasters to establish content repurposing workflows, with frame-accurate closed captioning support that serves not only social and digital media platforms but also the content management systems and online video platforms (CMS/OVP) that support VOD/OTT services.

"The Observer Media Intelligence Platform continually captures high quality broadcast content, aggregating valuable assets that broadcasters can repurpose and distribute for viewing on mobile devices and at the desktop," said Gary Learner, CTO at Volicon. "Equipped with our capture and share applications, this platform enables fast generation of timely content such as news and sports and more of it. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, this combination of speed and efficiency can be a key competitive differentiator."

The Observer Media Intelligence Platform allows broadcasters to capture media in real time, ingesting media either round-the-clock or according to a schedule, together with any metadata such as closed captioning. A low-resolution proxy is created along with the HD recording, so that a variety of local and remote Observer users can work collaboratively in accessing, reviewing, clipping and generating content for further distribution.

The capture and share applications enable three approaches to content creation. In a rapid manual approach, the user can review content as it is captured and immediately perform light editing, using the "mark in" and "mark out" controls on the platform's intuitive media player to generate a clip. In semi-automated and fully automated approaches, the Volicon platform can use specific programme-related keywords in the as-run log files, as well as ad insertion signals (SCTE35/104) to identify and clip all of the program segments that make up a full episode, without advertising and promos. It can also stitch these aggregated clips together for a whole that can be pushed to the CMS/OVP for distribution via VOD/OTT services. Alternatively, the Observer Media Intelligence Platform user can clip and push content directly to an edit or MAM system with the right format. It can also push this content to any transcoding service and product.

The Volicon system supports accelerated publishing to certain solutions, such as thePlatform, Kaltura and Brightcove, as well as social and digital online video outlets including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.