Dutch cable operator Ziggo is adding the Replay TV function to its Horizon Go app, allowing viewers to restart a programme after it began.

The Liberty Global operator made the Replay TV function available on its Horizon set-tops last April. With Replay TV viewers can go back to the beginning of a programme when they tune in while the broadcast is already in progress.

Programmes are available up to seven days after the original broadcast from over 60 channels including the main channels from NPO, RTL and SBS with an availability of around 80% of all programmes broadcast. 32 channels are available in HD, the remainder in SD quality. Programmes from most broadcasters can be fast forwarded with the exception of RTL and SBS channels.

According to Ziggo, its Replay TV service is better than Restart TV from KPN, as it has more channels, more in HD and is available at no extra charge. However, Replay tv on Horizon Go is only available to customers who have a Horizon set-top in the home.

Horizon Go is available as a TV Everywhere service on all WiFi and 3G and 4G networks in the country on smartphones and tablets.

In March, Ziggo competitor KON reported record-usage of its version of Restart-TV.