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    Advice please

    My old(er) TM box is dying slowly I think so... given that I've not been following the techie development of stbs over the last few years, what should I replace it with? I want a box that will drive a motorised dish, be flash upgradable with patches to unscramble 'certain' channels for educational purposes, softcams etc and ability to connect to c*rds etc, or even (?) allow internet channels to stream (who knows what they can now do?). So advice please. Willing to pay up to 150.

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    Re: Advice please

    personally i would go for a linux box and for your price
    there are two that come to mind, they are the tm nano-se
    and the vu+zero the tm nano is on sale in the uk at 89
    the zero is slightly more expensive by about 20
    the vu has more teams supporting images than the tm nano
    i have both boxes and both are very good and on a par for spec
    both these boxes drive my 1.2 chn master dish via a v-box on a
    36v superjack motor without any problems

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