Mira TV to target Hispanics with Mediaset Spain content


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 14 August 2015

Florida-based network Mira TV has reached an agreement with Mediaset Spain to take some of the top Spanish television productions to Hispanics in the US, aiming to repeat Mediaset's success in the country through its six free-to-air (FTA) channels.

With the signing of the deal, Mira TV becomes the first affiliate of CincoMas, the recently launched international high definition (HD) channel broadcasting the best programmes from Mediaset Spain, whose line-up is specifically designed to cater to the Spanish-speaking audience in the US and Latin America.

"Mira TV is thrilled to be the first station that will provide the exceptional productions from CincoMas to Hispanics in the US and Florida in particular," said Judith Prado Lombard, general manager, Mira TV. "This ... will be a game-changer for all traditional Spanish channels, both locally and nationally."

"We are very excited with the agreement reached with Mira TV, one that will allow CincoMas programming to reach the South Florida audience," explained Xose Manuel Barreira, director of Mediaset España's international channel. "Mira TV is a station with an extraordinary reach within the demanding Hispanic community. It's made up of a team of experienced professionals who have been successful at connecting with its audience."

The agreement allows Mira TV to choose from Mediaset's assortment of programming and select those that best serves its audience. Programmes such as the action thriller El Príncipe, one of the most watched series in Spain in 2014 and 2015, the comedy series La Que Se Avecina and the acclaimed drama Tierra de Lobos will be available for inclusion.