MTV launches new content for South-east Asia's millennials


Fay Sutton

| 14 August 2015

MTV is to offer new local content for millennials in South-east Asia this month weekly socially connected music and lifestyle show, The MTV Show returns for its fourth season on 15 August and MTV News, the news source for music, entertainment, movies, current events, international and regional artists and interviews on the Web launched over the weekend.

The first episode of The MTV Show features a shark named Fred, an artist interview, celebrity feuds, music video dedications, and upcoming music events and movies. Viewers can also watch it online at where new episodes will be made available every Monday. Through its social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, fans can share and discuss the show, and access additional content such as sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes videos.

The latest season of The MTV Show is shot in Singapore at nightclub Zouk, one of MTV's long-time brand partners.

MTV News airs as interstitials in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia between 10am and midnight daily with new interstitials every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Both shows are hosted by MTV VJs Alan Wong and Hanli Hoefer and produced in Singapore.

As a news outlet for socially active youths, snippets of information will be published on MTV's website at and social platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, as well as on Vine.

MTV News is produced in collaboration with Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore.