The infrastructure for Armenia’s transition to digital broadcasting is now fully in place.

Speaking to the ARKA news agency and quoted by Comnews, Grigor Amalyan, the general director of the Television and Radio Broadacsting Network of Armenia, said that work on the infrastructure was completed on July 30 and that digital TV services should be able to reach 99.5% of the country. However, full coverage was not possible due to some inaccessible places being in the ‘”shadow” of TV transmitters.

Amalyan added that digital TV services were launched in the Armenian capital Yerevan last November and that they will be provided nationally by 212 transmitters, supplemented by satellite broadcasting.

Viewers in Armenia will be able to receive between nine and 18 TV channels after acquiring a decoder. These typically cost around $17 but are being provided free of charge to low-income families.

Work on the transition to digital broadacsting began in 2009. Although ASO was scheduled for this July it has been put back to the beginning of 2016.