Hi guys! Please help me to set up Diablo Wireless Duolabs Kit. I`ve installed Twin Base Manager 2.11 dut the notebook doesn`t detect the device as if there is no complete or all drivers. The operation system is windows 7. 64. Maybe someone have drivers for it? My friend managed to set up it for simple XP but the other problem has occured. It was nessesary to upgrade Wireless Diablo Cam from Underworld 1.86 to Underworld 2.13 in order to input Biss keys by the remote controll of my reciever. The process of upgrading stopped at 46% and the error has been shown. What was a mistake? Maybe he didnt reset or restore the CAM ? Now the reciever can`t initialize the Cam and he can`t upgrade the Cam by any software. Is there any solutions with drivers and upgrading the cam? Regards. Alex