Metrological releases TV app store tools


Michelle Clancy

| 18 August 2015

Metrological has released a set of TV app store management tools to enable pay-TV operators to customise app store line-ups based on live events and household viewing habits, as well as integrate app billing and transactions.

The new features are included in the Metrological Application Platform, which provides full lifecycle support for operator branded app stores.

The Metrological Dashboard is a highly flexible and sophisticated app store management system and business intelligence centre that provides real-time app usage and performance analytics. It offers insights on TV app store operations, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as top performing apps, average viewing times, number of app views and number of transactions. This feedback gives operators the ability to refine content monetisation strategies more effectively.

"Operators can now personalise app experiences to reflect consumer viewing habits and local content, which is an important tool in strengthening the customer relationship," said Jeroen Ghijsen, co-founder and CEO of Metrological. "Using our intuitive platform, operators can tailor app store content to viewers based on a number of filters, such as audience segments, live events, red button apps and time of day to automatically change the apps being offered in each market or household."

Metrological's Dashboard offers automated app scheduling, so pay-TV operators can personalise the scheduling of content based on time of day. It also has Integrated billing and transactions for automating app purchases and downloads and giving operators a complete view of customer downloads and purchases.