Netflix has raised its monthly subscription fee for new members with one euro to €9.99 across Europe.

The increase will affect most European countries where Netflix operates, including Germany, France and the Netherlands. In Switzerland, the company announced a similar hike, increasing its standard subscription to CHF 14.90 a month from CHF 12.90.

Current Netflix subscribers (or ‘members’ as the company calls them) remain unaffected, with the current price guaranteed till May 2016.

Netflix’ basic, non-HD subscription will remain unchanged at €7.99 a month, as will its premium subscription at €11.99. The basic SD subscription allows for only one single device to be used at any one time, the more popular subscription is the HD subscription at €8.99, which is now €9.99, which allows for two devices to be used simultaneously.

Netflix top-tier subscription allows for four simultaneous streams as well as access to content in UltraHD (4k).

Meanwhile, Netflix said it plans to shut down the last of its data centers by the end of the summer, which would make it one of the first big companies to run all of its information technology remotely, in what’s known as the public cloud, according to the Wall Street Journal.