Aircom Pacific leases multiple transponders across AsiaSat fleet


Fay Sutton

| 20 August 2015

AsiaSat has reached an agreement with in-flight entertainment and connectivity service provider Aircom Pacific to use the satellite operator's transponder capacity and uplinking services.

Under the agreement, Aircom Pacific will use Ka-band and Ku-band capacity on AsiaSat 7 and AsiaSat 8 to deliver its in-flight entertainment and connectivity services for airlines flying routes over Asia. These services include Wi-Fi, streaming TV and videos, streaming gaming, cellular connectivity and real-time duty free shopping and travel services.

Alan Gallant, chief marketing officer of Aircom Pacific, said: "We chose AsiaSat as our satellite partner because it offers us the capacity, coverage and expertise in aero services necessary to ensure a successful implementation in the coming calendar year. The airline industry is intensely competitive. In-flight entertainment and connectivity will be the key for airlines to achieve differentiation and to boost passenger loyalty. Working with AsiaSat to launch this brand new range of in-flight services, we anticipate providing our partner airlines with better value, improved and more convenient services for their passengers."

Philip Balaam, vice-president, sales and business development of AsiaSat, commented: "Advanced satellite solutions are playing an increasingly important role in enabling in-flight service providers and airlines to offer the best possible entertainment and connectivity solution to their passengers. We are excited that AsiaSat's satellite capacity was selected by Aircom Pacific to deliver more sophisticated in-flight communications and entertainment services that meet passengers' growing demand for higher-quality entertainment and connectivity."