Muvi launches live video streaming platform


Michelle Clancy

| 20 August 2015

Muvi has released its Live Video Streaming Engine, available on the Muvi Studio video streaming platform.

The feature targets broadcasters, TV channels and TV networks, which will be able to launch their own-branded IPTV and linear channels into a digital format, for the Web, mobile and connected TVs.

"Live streaming has seen extensive growth in recent years both in terms of B2C and C2C adaptation," the company said. "With more and more TV networks and broadcasters going live with their TV channels, sports and events [are] being live-streamed across the world to a much wider audience in an instant. Live streaming is everywhere and is now becoming the de-facto mode of consuming video content worldwide."

To put the launch into context, Muvi cited Adobe findings from the Q4 2013 video benchmark, showing 37% of TV everywhere content streams were for sporting events. Overall, sports video streams were up 640% year-over-year. It noted that and the NBC Sports Live Extra app saw 24.6 million video viewers (160% higher than the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games and 8% higher than the 2012 London Summer Games).

"Recognising this trend and already seen successful adaptation of its on-demand services, Muvi decided to launch the Live Streaming Engine to complement its existing video on-demand (VOD) platform offering, enabling its customers to offer a 360 content experience to their viewers," Muvi noted.

Muvi Studio handles provisioning of the IT Infrastructure, and the build, deploy and management of front end applications.