Viki online TV swoops for Soompi in $10MN deal


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 21 August 2015

San Francisco-based online TV service for multi-lingual fans of Asian pop culture, Viki, has acquired Soompi, a similar site targeting the English-speaking audience, in a $10-million deal, increasing its entertainment offer along with Korean and Asian news.

Fan-built Viki has a global audience of 40 million users per month and a strong presence among Spanish-speakers. Soompi, a division of Crunchyroll, will gain seven more million monthly users through the acquisition.

"Soompi's exponential growth shows how audience preferences change, and we're happy to contribute to such growth," said Tammy H Nam, Viki's general manager. "By joining forces with Soompi, Viki starts its expansion," she added.

In the short term, both platforms will continue to operate separately, while content integration takes place.

"I started with Soompi because I wanted to create a site for fans of Korean pop culture," said Susan Kang, founder of the platform. "With the community value of both platforms I feel we have found our perfect place."

Viki, which has been translated into more than 200 languages, delivers online TV shows, movies, short videos and premium content from the Asian audiovisual industry.