EE gets personal as it enhances TV proposition



| 21 August 2015

Reacting to the cut-throat competition in its sector, UK telecoms provider EE has upgraded its TV bouquet to offer what it claims is the ultimate personalised TV experience.

Set for launch on 25 August, the new package is said to not only offer a focus on personalisation, but also social sharing, having mobile development front of mind. Indeed the personalised TV experience is controlled through a phone or tablet.

An all-new My TV section is now available via the app's Home menu, designed to provide a tailored experience for each individual user and divided into three sections: My Programmes, My Channels and My Photos & Videos.

The first two sections allow users to select favourite TV shows or channels, and identify exactly what content is available for them to enjoy there and then. In addition to live programming, the feature will also give instant access to any recordings of favourites, collating all relevant programmes in one place. This content can be sorted by watched/unwatched, channel, alphabetical, date and category.

EE expects the Flick function to be one of the most popular features among EE TV fans - it allows users to send content from their mobile device to their TV with a single swipe of a finger. Building on the Flick feature, the latest update also includes Fetch, allowing customers to bring content from the main TV screen directly onto their mobile device. Compatible with live TV, recordings, Restart and Replay, allows viewers to continue to watch shows in another part of the house, without disturbing what's on the TV screen.

A new companion screen, available via the EE TV app, gives customers control of the show that they're watching, as well as providing a variety of additional information. The experience is available for all content other than apps and on-demand and includes playback and volume controls, as well as a scrolling progress bar. The EE TV app will now also include a Share button via the Companion screen, available for all live, recorded, Replay and Restart content.

In addition to the improvement in experience, EE TV will also be offering new content applications to complement its existing mix of live and recorded free channels, on-demand and catch-up services. These will in the first instance include the film channel MUBI, and customers will also soon be able to access a range of international and foreign language TV apps such as France 24, Cinefun TV, Brazil TV and CaribBe TV.

"EE TV received outstanding reviews at launch, however we will continue to use our unrivalled knowledge of mobile behaviour in order to update and enhance the service over time," commented EE director of home broadband & TV Simeon Bird. "The new EE TV features take the personalisation capability that all smartphone and tablet owners are familiar with, and incorporates it to create what we believe is the best multiscreen TV service available today."