Assets worth SEK 59.4 million (€6.22 million) have been seized from a 31-year old in Jönköping for his involvement in a pirate TV network in the Swedish city.

SVT reports police raided his home earlier this year, finding equipment that had been used to illegally distribute content from Viasat, Canal Digital and Comhem.

The large sum stems from the amount that the three pay-TV platforms are expected to claim in damages.

The decision was challenged in the Court of Appeal, but it was ruled the verdict of the district court should stand.

It’s believed the case could have ramifications across the country given that for the past year it’s also been an offence to be a customer of a pirate TV ring, rather than just an operator, as was the case previously.

Separately in Denmark, two people who participated in a 70-strong card sharing network have been fined DKK 15,000 and 6,250 respectively. The lesser amount was due to being on a lower income. Two satellite boxes were confiscated and an additional DKK 2,776 is payable in damages to Canal Digital.