Colombia's pay-TV matches free-to-air ratings


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 24 August 2015

Colombia's pay-TV business continues to grow across Latin America, matching the audience ratings of the free-to-air sector, according to a report from Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC).

ratingcolombiaThe LAMAC report, based on IBOPE figures, found that an average 1.28 million people per day watched pay-TV during May 2015, the highest amount ever, meaning a 6.76% rating very close to the 6.82% rating reported by free-to-air (FTA) TV during the same period.

Regarding prime time, the pay-TV audience rose by more than 70,000 viewers, while FTA figures dropped nearly 34,000 during the same slot. A similar trend has been reported in other time slots: a further 63,000 viewers for pay-TV during day time, 46,000 during early hours and 7,000 during late night.

According to LAMAC's report, other signs, including the share of audience (SOA) and the average time spent watching (ATS), are also pointing to a very favourable scenario for the pay-TV sector in Colombia. The country already has over eight million subs, a 61% penetration, most of which is from Claro's cable TV offer.

LAMAC's analysts concluded that the figures point to a change of habits among Colombians, who are increasingly choosing pay-TV over FTA TV, and that this consumption trend will open new opportunities for advertisers.