Promer Qatar wins Es'hailSat teleport contract



| 24 August 2015

In what is being described as a milestone in providing a secure, independent satellite system for Qatar, Es'hailSat has signed up Promer Qatar Contracting to design and build its latest teleport.

Based in Doha, Es'hailSat owns and operates satellites to serve broadcasters, businesses and governments. Es'hail 1, which shares a spacecraft platform with the European satellite operator Eutelsat, was launched on 29 August 2013 to provide television, voice, Internet, corporate and government communications services across the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond. Es'hail 2 is currently under construction and will be launched to the 26 East TV broadcasting hotspot in Q4 2016.

Es'hailSat currently broadcasts premium content for news and sports channels such as Al Jazeera and beIN SPORTS, and design for the new teleport is expected to be ready by Q1 2016 with the site build and project completed by Q1 2017. Both Es'hail 1 and Es'hail 2, have been designed with anti-jamming capabilities and a dedicated ground infrastructure.

Comprising a dedicated 50,000sq m site north of Doha, the new location is said to contain the latest in teleport capabilities to provide satellite control and communications support (TT&C) and capacity management, connected with the key media broadcasters in Qatar by means of a redundant, dedicated fibre optic link. It will also offer a range of teleport services such as uplink, downlink, contribution, multiplexing, encoding, playout and broadcasting, tailored for its business partners. There will also be back-up studios for TV channels to serve as a disaster-recovery facility for broadcasters.

All of this, says Es'hailSat, means that it has the optimum solution for broadcasters in the region not only in terms of technical capabilities and performance, but also in terms of security of content. "The establishment of Es'hailSat's own teleport marks a significant milestone in our plan provide a secure and independent satellite system to meet the needs of stakeholders now and in the future," said CEO Ali Ahmed Al Kuwari. "The teleport is being designed from the outset to allow for significant growth and will feature all the major requirements to provide customers with satellite ground station and platform services."