Ericsson says it is putting the consumer at the centre of a connected world as it ushers in a new era of internet television.

Its slate of IBC product includes solutions for media enrichment designed to maximise the value of programming for rights holders through immersive sports graphics, and portfolio updates around live captioning and metadata.

There will also be announcements on advanced video processing and virtualization and managed playout for new Ultra HD services.

Elisabetta Romano, newly-appointed Vice President and Head of TV and Media at Ericsson says: “We are proud to be have been instrumental in helping our industry evolve towards the internet era of TV where television and video will be more persistent, connected and personalized. As we move towards the Networked Society, the connected consumer will dictate the industry agenda, making it critical for our customers to focus on constant service innovation to ensure customer loyalty”.

She said Ericsson would address the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape with its winning combination of consumer insights, industry-leading portfolio and global transformation services.