La Liga bans Mediaset from entering football stadiums


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 25 August 2015

In a year that has seen great changes to football broadcasting rights in the Spanish pay-TV sector, La Liga has banned Mediaset from filming inside football stadiums because of its opposition to the former's agreement with free-to-air (FTA) networks which favours the public broadcaster RTVE.

RTVE has access to extended recaps and highlights of every game, while the other free-to-air (FTA) groups can broadcast restricted material. La Liga has also decided to allow FTA networks to film their own videos with a 90-second time limit.

Although most groups disagree with the La Liga-RTVE agreement, only Mediaset has publicly stated its opposition and issued a formal complaint. Following this, when cameras from Mediaset's Cuatro and Telecinco tried to enter the stadiums during the first weekend of the football competition, they weren't allowed in.

Mediaset commented that "giving exclusivity over La Liga's recaps to RTVE limits the right to information for the other networks".

La Liga say it has no issue with Mediaset, but intends to keep the football broadcasts within its own rules saying RTVE has exclusivity because it presented the highest bid.