RR Media joins joiz to launch viewer engagement tools


Joseph O'Halloran

| 25 August 2015

Digital media services provider RR Media has announced a partnership with community marketing platform, joiz, to offer next-generation user engagement and loyalty club tools.

Targeted at broadcasters, content owners and rights holders, the two companies' offerings are designed to connect TV, mobile and Web to build communities and monetise audiences by enhancing user experiences and turning passive viewers into engaged consumers on any screen.

All of RR Media's content management, channel playout and smart global distribution network capabilities will be integrated with joiz's platform. RR Media will be managing all services, from the set-up stage to operation of the platform and beyond, leaving content owners and broadcasters free to focus on content creation.

With the new solution, say the two firms, content owners and broadcasters will have a greater opportunity to personalise their offering to audiences with the use of real-time user and social media data to create dynamic programming. They add that content owners and broadcasters will gain new ways to interact, engage and target viewers to a far greater extent. The offer is also claimed to be unique in the way it creates a deep level of integration between playlist, assets, screen delivery and social engagement.

"We're incredibly excited to partner with RR Media," said Alexander Mazzara, co-founder and CEO of joiz Group. "Our joint solution brings together a wide range of advanced broadcast services and engagement tools, enhancing our capabilities and reach on an unprecedented scale. We're looking forward to enabling broadcasters, content owners and rights holders the ability to monetise audiences like never before."

Added RR Media CMO Elad Manishviz: "This innovative solution ... provides a wide range of broadcasters and content owners, including sports, religious, entertainment, lifestyle, children's and shopping channels, the opportunity to engage audiences on any device, extend global reach, create loyal followers and generate untapped revenues."