DVBLogic has launched its branded tuner and software solution, TVButler, allowing viewers to watch TV anywhere in the home or on the go from their NAS.

TVButler turns any NAS, PC or Raspberry Pi into a personal video recorder, recording favourite TV programmes in original quality. With a central storage unit, recordings can be programmed or scheduled from any client device or screen connected to TVButler, and then watched on a variety of home or mobile devices, using a mobile internet connection or WiFi Hotspot. The solution only works with unencrypted programmes.

With TVButler people can watch TV and recordings on their TVs, tablets, phablets and smartphones on your home network and via the internet. The solution is multi screen and multi device compatible; for iOS, Android, Browser, XBMC (Kodi), DLNA (UPnP) on devices like media players, TVs or Windows Media Player

TVButler is compatible with FreeView (DVB-T) and Freeview HD (DVB-T2), is ready to use on NAS, Linux or Windows and has support for NAS systems from all main NAS manufacturers

In addition, the The DVBLink TVAdviser (subscription currently available in UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland) will suggest shows, series, movies or other broadcasts similar to a selected profile or viewing history. The extended EPG (electronic programme guide) tells the viewer everything about a programme 14 days in advance, making planning of your recordings a lot easier, and lets you schedule a single or series recording.