YouSee says its responding to changing customer behaviour with the launch of a 1,400 film package from Canal+. The selection is available to all new TV customers, who are also being given the option to buy HBO Nordic, after a three-month trial period.

“Today, YouSee is primarily perceived as a provider of TV, broadband and telephony. In the future, we will be seen as the leading entertainment universe. This means that we gather all the content from both TV stations and film services in one place. And most importantly; making it free for customers themselves to decide what they want to see where and when. It also means that we will eventually have to deal with the structure around our TV packages and look at how we get even more freedom on the pitch, “said YouSee CEO René Brřchner.

The Danish cable network is also refreshing its logo. The house colour remains green, but the logo now contains a single stripe. “The stripes have done a good job for us to ensure recognition and distinctive. But today we are ready with a new YouSee, and it must of course be marked with a new look. To change the customers’ perception of us, we also need to change the way we look,” says Brřchner.

All Basic Package Customers get access to more Web TV, adding the service to an additional 1.1 million TV customers, who can watch on mobile, tablet or PC.

Since the early summer YouSee has upgraded about 400,000 broadband customers to a minimum of 50 Mbps, according to the operator the country’s highest average speed.