Lack of resources threatens analogue switch-off in Brazil


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 26 August 2015

The TV networks Record and Band from Rio Verde, in Brazil, are lacking the resources to complete the digitalisation process, thus threatening to delay the DTT switch-over across the whole country.

According to a report from Tela Viva, many processes are still ongoing and even the required permissions haven't yet been received by the networks, four months before the transition is set to start.

Brazil's telecom authority, Anatel, has currently registered 3,200 local private broadcasters plus other associations which should start switching off their analogue signals by the end of the year. The report says there are over 4,000 petitions for digital channels which are waiting for approval.

In addition to the basic digitalisation within the networks' structure, the report also points to the difficulties of reaching the minimum 93% digital coverage in each city. DTT-ready set-top boxes (STBs) for the families with fewer resources haven't been distributed and many other people haven't acquired or installed their STBs.

The analyst believes national television groups will put pressure on the government to complete the transition within the agreed time period, as they are digitally ready or almost ready, "but analogue TV won't be switched off in the next two to three years".