V-Nova adds NVIDIA GPU support for PERSEUS video compression



| 26 August 2015

Almost a year of virtually appearing from nowhere to offer industry-leading video compression, V-Nova has enhanced its core PERSEUS engine to support NVIDIA GPUs.

V-Nova sees having the processing power of NVIDIA GPUs on board as providing massively parallel video processing to improve performance of its core system which it claims sets the benchmark for Ultra HD compression.

GPU-enabled PERSEUS technology is now commercially available to equipment vendors, system integrators, service providers and operators, and is able to run purely on a GPU without additional hardware. V-Nova claims that such capability provides a 'quantum leap' in real-time video compression efficiency across a number of professional and consumer devices such as encoders, transcoders, set-top boxes (STBs) and connected devices.

PERSEUS GPU-powered products see use delivering feeds from events and through the backbones of Tier-1 operators and service providers, offering 4K/Ultra HD performance, with what it calls 'visually lossless' quality delivered at ca. 300Mbps, 2.5% of the original uncompressed signal size. It adds that now encoding and decoding processes can run in real-time on a single NVIDIA GPU below the 16ms necessary to process a full frame 4K/Ultra HD picture at 60 fps.

"Whereas legacy codecs are highly serialised, PERSEUS is able to harness all of the processing power of NVIDIA GPUs," said V-Nova CEO and co-founder Guido Meardi. "PERSEUS' ability to distribute processing load across the entire GPU ... allows the processor to 'clock down' to a more power efficient mode of operation. With support for NVIDIA GPUs, we are now able to provide the manufacturers of professional video equipment with massively parallel compression technology running on massively parallel hardware, to deliver the best possible video compression performance."