Newtec upgrades satellite news gathering for TV Globo


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 26 August 2015

Belgium's Newtec, which specialises in equipment and technology for satellite communications, has been selected to upgrade the broadcasting capabilities of TV Globo's Satellite News Gathering (SNG) fleet.

TV Globo has selected the M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator for the transition of its news feeds to high definition (HD). The upgrade fits into an all-HD production strategy and includes the entire SNG news fleets of the Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia TV Globo stations.

"We were searching for the most cost-effective solution for our transition to HD, and the M6100 modulator has certainly delivered that," said Leonardo Chaves, transmission technologies manager at TV Globo. "The product was selected following a series of performance tests which provided very good results."

To combat satellite interference, the Newtec M6100 supports DVB-CID and contains the pre-defined WBU-ISOG DSNG profiles. Whereas the DVB-CID allows for ease of carrier identification in case of interference, the easy-to-use DSNG profiles reduce the risk of human error. Furthermore, in 2014 the Newtec M6100 received certification from Anatel for DVB-S2X modulation schemes up to 256 APSK.

"We have deployed our Clean Channel Technology with short roll-off factors (5%) in combination with DVB-S2 for some time now," added Bart Van Utterbeeck, Newtec's VP South America. "We are pleased that TV Globo selected our M6100 starting in DVB-S2 with a migration path to DVB-S2X."