Instadigital to launch next-generation OTT platform



| 26 August 2015

In a move that it claims will shake up the OVP market, InstaDIGITAL is to launch at IBC 2015 a next-generation over-the-top (OTT) platform.

The new OTT platform is designed to enable operators to quickly and easily launch premium content services and is, asserts the company, a 'real step change' in the evolution of such platforms.

Monetisation and simplification are said to be the core elements along with 'advanced' content management, player and security tools built in as standard. It also has what are described as 'sophisticated' merchandising and vouchering technology. These are attributed with giving service providers the ability to quickly and easily launch effective marketing campaigns that attract customers, convert them into buyers and keep them coming back.

"Our new platform [has] all of the tools you actually need to make money from OTT and none of the things that you don't," claimed InstaDIGITAL CEO Ed Pippin. "Creating digital loyalty in the premium OTT space is extremely important. There's a lot of competition and customers are keen to try out new services on offer. However, if you can get a customer to build up their content library in your service's locker then you can turn them into loyal customers. They effectively start using it like their DVD shelf. Our new enhanced platform gives operators the tools to get customers to that critical turning point and keep them there."