Mobile devices lead ad charge as online video viewing mirrors prime time



| 26 August 2015

The traditional prime time periods of 7pm to 1am are now the most popular time for consumers to watch online video content, regardless of screen used says the latest FreeWheel Video Monetisation Report.

The video ad management solutions provider's Q2 2015 analysis shows that, in general, video views and ad views grew 25% and 32% respectively in comparison with the same period last year.

As many as 30% of total daily ad views occurred during this period, with nearly two-fifths of online video ad views originating from outside of desktop and laptop environments, with OTT devices and smartphones leading that growth. Indeed the survey found that such mobile devices now account for more than one in five video ad views, reflecting triple-digit growth over the last two quarters.

Long-form on-demand and live content were continuing to drive growth, growing at 26% and 146%, respectively, year-on-year. There were also regional differences where in Europe programmers almost exclusively monetised their long-form on demand content rather than short and mid-form content, accounting for 89% of total ad views. This compares to just 35% in the US, where a wider range of formats and lengths are monetised.

Commenting on the report, FreeWheel said: "The impressive evolution of premium video we've reported quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year since the inception of this report continues to make measurable strides in maturation across the industry with increased viewership, growth across all streaming devices, MVPD-authentication dominance, and robust advertiser demand ... For the most part, overall consumption remains consistent throughout the day with relative share shifting across content durations and device types as the day progresses. Based on this viewer behaviour, with no single day part occupying a majority share of viewing, this demonstrates that the new prime time is anytime."