Hulu to offer programmatic buying



| 26 August 2015

Leading over-the-top (OTT) provider Hulu has announced that it is to enter the next phase of its sales processes with a new programmatic solution for marketers, beginning this autumn.

Hulu will make its premium video inventory across all platforms including desktop, mobile and connected TVs available in programmatic offering for the first time. By combining media automation with data-informed targeting, it says it is leading the way to deliver the right advertisement to the right person at the right time.

The proposition has at its core the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP), part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, and a private online video marketplace, powered by LiveRail. By partnering with such technology firms, Hulu asserts that it will have the ability to create new opportunities for advertisers with an automated, seamless, data-driven process, delivering to marketers strong results, deep targeting, real-time adjustments and give them more control over their campaigns.

The OTT firm is confident that with its new programmatic solution it will be able to serve more relevant ads to each viewer. For advertisers, Hulu has a lighter commercial load than traditional television, resulting in higher brand recall. Ads on Hulu are unskippable, and marketers are only charged for ads viewed to 100% completion. Hulu claims a much younger audience than traditional broadcast or cable television and also says that it can deliver 'industry-leading' viewability metrics, outperforming the industry benchmark by 80%.

"Hulu's investment in the future of data-driven technology with its new programmatic solution reinforces the company's continued commitment to the advertising community and its viewers," said Vin Paolozzi, SVP of marketplace development and investment of agency MAGNA GLOBAL commenting on the move. "We look forward to working with Hulu and being a part of this critical shift in the future of advertising and providing better value and insights to our clients."

"We are thrilled that Hulu has chosen to take a major step to develop solutions that address head-on newly emerging challenges facing advertisers today," added Dani Benowitz, EVP and managing partner of integrated investments for UM. "Their new programmatic solution will help us better guide our clients in establishing more effective campaigns that are sure to deliver enhanced results."