Children's time with TV will decrease, while time online will remain steady



| 27 August 2015

Research from digital advertising provider Videology has found that parents of US school-aged children believe that their kids have huge loyalty to new online video services.

261234-INFOThe survey of over 4,500 adults found that 56% said their kids would be watching less TV during the school year compared with the summer. On the contrary, 64% said their kids would be spending the same amount or more time online on connected devices than they did in the summer.

Moreover even though 55% of parents said they will restrict the time their children spend viewing all screens during the school year, a quarter still expected their kids to squeeze in nine hours or more of online video during a given week.

In a surprising finding given the ubiquity of such products, Videology added that children under the age of 16 may have to find a device other than mobile to watch online video. Its survey found that 41% of adults agreed that children should be at least 16 years old before having their own smartphone. Nearly a third of adults surveyed said 13 to 15 was an appropriate age to have a phone, and 11% said nine or younger was appropriate.

"One of the important things to recognise about the current shift in viewing habits is that it's not necessarily about using one device at the exclusion of another," explained Videology chairman and CEO Scott Ferber. "The younger generation's willingness to embrace content regardless of what channel it's on is a trend we expect to continue to see as they enter the market as adult consumers."