Televisa hits Portuguese audiences with Pequeños Gigantes


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 27 August 2015

Following success in the Americas and Europe, Televisa has taken Pequeños Gigantes to Portugal with a local adaptation, driving TVI to lead in prime time during the premiere.

With a 36.4% share, TVI drew over twice the viewers than its biggest competitor, SIC, which gathered a 15.3% share with Pop Idol.

Pequeños Gigantes also created social engagement for the free-to-air network, gathering 75% social TV share on Twitter with over 50,000 tweets, and making #pequenosgigantes become a trending topic.

Produced for Portugal's TVI by Endemol, the talent show features eight teams of children between four and 12 who face a jury formed by celebrities who once were child prodigies.

The Televisa format has also seen success in other countries, becoming one of the to-follow kids' talent shows in recent years, and has already been broadcast in the US, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Poland. In addition, local adaptations are being produced in Ukraine and Vietnam, and it has been licensed in Italy.

In the US, Pequeños Gigantes drove Univision to surpass FOX and ABC ratings, hitting over three million viewers, and in Spain it aired on Mediaset's Telecinco getting average share of 26.6%.