Japan looks to Brazil for 4K, 8K partners


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 27 August 2015

Having established a long-term partnership in broadcasting and audiovisual areas during the last ten years - including the ISDB-T standard development for DTT - Japan and Brazil are now looking to the future, with the Asian technology giant aiming to seal agreements for 4K and 8K development.

During SET Expo in Sao Paulo, Japan's Vice Minister of Communications, Yasuo Sakamoto, said he wanted the two countries to improve their DTT-based partnership to develop standards for Ultra HD and 8K, according to Tela Viva.

While next summer's Olympics in Brazil are expected to be the first, real testing field for 4K live broadcasting, Sakamoto said the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 would kick-off 8K resolutions. "Next year we are celebrating ten years of working together with Brazil, it's time to move this partnership forward to develop new standards," said the vice-minister.

But the Japanese politician was not the only one to draw attention to 4K standards, as Brazilian broadcaster and producer Globo also highlighted the need to establish a plan for the industry involving public institutions. "4K TV sales in 2016 are to be similar to HD-ready TV in 2007, but broadcasters currently don't have an plan to evolve," said Raymundo Barros, general manager for technology at Globo.