Turner cashes in with Cartoon Network across LATAM


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 27 August 2015

Turner International has seen growth in Latin America's pay-TV sector, mostly due to Cartoon Networks' performance but also thanks to Boomerang, TNT and Space in its key markets across the region.

According to the company's half-year report, Turner has achieved strong growth in Argentina, with a general 4% growth across its 15 channels airing in the country. But, as with the rest of the Latin American region, kids' programming is king for the media group, with Cartoon Network and Boomerang growing by 26%. In addition to children, more adults are increasingly engaging with Cartoon Network's programming, with 32% more viewers over-20 being reported.

The Cartoon Network became the No 1 kids channel in Argentina during Q1-Q2 2015, and the channel was also the most watched by children in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

TNT and Space have also contributed to Turner's strong audience results during first half of the year, as both channels positioned within the top five during Latin America's pay-TV prime time.