Learning and development of creative industries' leaders needs to be drastically improved



| 27 August 2015

A research report published by the creative industries' skills body is warning that an upskilling is desperately needed if the UK is to maintain its position as a world leader in the sphere.

The Creative Skillset and Ashridge Business School's Creativity and Constraint report paints a picture of unstructured learning environments, little time for training and development, and a fairly widespread lack of understanding of the strategic goals of companies, especially in smaller enterprises and amongst freelance staff less able to access training.
It also highlights the need for support on leadership, strategy, innovation, financial and people management - and mentoring is cited as the preferred means of developing management skills.

"The huge success of the creative industries in the United Kingdom cannot be taken for granted despite the growth of the sector," cautioned report co-author Amy Armstrong. "We must ensure that the training and strategic leadership needs at the top of the industry is supported to maintain this fantastic success."

In a call to action, the Creative Skillset and the Ashridge Business School say they will build recommendations into a leadership and management strategy, including a series of support measures, mentoring support and creative case studies, giving examples of successful training models and collaborative experiential leadership development.