Polandís leading commercial broadcaster Polsat will launch six more channels by the end of 2016.

According to Wirtualne Media, the first, known as Polsat 1 and aimed at Poles living overseas, will make its debut in Q4 this year.

It will be followed by Polsat Sport 2 and Polsat Sport 3, along with Polsat Docu, Polsat Reality and Polsat X, in 2016.

Polsat 1 will carry US rather than Polish advertising and replace Polsat 2 International, which will be transformed into a channel serving solely the Polish domestic market.

All six channels will be distributed via satellite, though Polsat has yet to decide whether to take part in a contest for slots on the countryís upcoming eighth multiplex, where it could consider placing some of the new channels.

Despite the upcoming launches, there is still no word on a planned new movie channel named Polsat Film 2, which the broadcaster first announced last year.

Separately, Polsat will be introducing HD versions of some of its channels later this year.