Brazilian pay-TV struggles to reach 20MN subs


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 28 August 2015

The Brazilian pay-TV sector showed slight growth in July once again, heading toward the 20 million subs barrier, a target which it has come close to during the whole year without being able to reach.

According to the monthly figures published by Anatel, Brazil's pay-TV sector ended July with 19.64 million subscribers, representing 29.64% penetration across the country. Still, the pay-TV industry shows signs of stagnation in Brazil, as it started 2015 with 19.66 million subs and reached its peak in March with 19.76 million.

In the Brazilian market, one player is king: Telmex (Claro/Embratel/NET), which has one in two subscribers (totalling 10.2 million) throughout the country. The América Móvil company is followed by Sky DirecTV with a 28.9% market share and 5.67 million subscribers, and Telefónica's Vivo, with 9.3% and 1.88 million subs.

With regards to technology, satellite operators offering direct-to-home (DTH) TV are still the most used services, gathering 11.8 million subs, although they have dropped 200,000 households since the beginning of the year - the same amount as was gained by cable platforms, which reached 7.7 million subs by July. IPTV is growing and has added almost 40,000 subs since January, but is still residual, accounting for 136,000 subs in total.