MBC takes a Reality Check for football analysis


Rebecca Hawkes

| 28 August 2015

Pan Arab free-to-air broadcaster MBC is set to enhance on-air football analysis from the Saudi Pro League and Crown Prince Cup after installing cloud-based LaunchPad touchscreen technology from Reality Check Systems (RCS).

The system provides viewers with real-time player, team and match data, video replays, tweets, telestrations and analysis in Arabic.

"This season we set out to revitalise the viewing experience for Saudi Pro League fans, and when we saw LaunchPad, we knew we'd found the ideal solution. With instant access to real-time data, analysis tools and sleek 3D graphics in an intuitive touchscreen, it's the ultimate storytelling vehicle," said Fadi Radi, head of graphics, MBC Pro Sports.

MBC's LaunchPad runs on Vizrt's Viz rendering engine, a third-party touchscreen, RCS software and RCS' cloud database DataCenter.

"LaunchPad gives our team the flexibility to get fans more engaged in the sport through analytics. Having worked with RCS for years, and experienced their track record in Vizrt integrations, we knew we could trust them, and they definitely went above and beyond," said Radi.

As well as match analysis tools to help review player activity on the pitch, Launchpad's integration with MBC's Vizrt Viz Libero 3D analysis software will enable quick video clip access and playout. RCS worked with MBC for Arabic translations and built MBC's graphics into LaunchPad scenes to maintain branding, as well as including sponsors' artwork. The next stage of development, already begun, will see integration with MBC's Grass Valley K2 Dyno video server.

David Peacock, project manager, RCS added: "MBC is a long-time client with a talented Vizrt graphics team willing to push the limits of technology to improve the fan experience, which contributed to the overall success of this project.

"The integration of MBC's Libero with LaunchPad proved seamless, and it was exciting to work with their team to broaden the range of competitions that LaunchPad now supports with the addition of the Saudi Pro League and three cup competitions."