Amazon to launch VOD service in Japan


Rebecca Hawkes

| 28 August 2015

Amazon will launch its video-on-demand (VOD) service Prime Video in Japan in September, in the same month as competitor Netflix introduces its packages in the country.

The online retailer says it too will stream local as well as US film and TV content to its Prime customers, at the current 3900 (US$32.50) annual fee customers pay for the faster delivery of goods.

"As we've shown with the launch of Prime Video in the US and around the world, we are investing significantly to bring high quality, local and popular programming to Prime members, and our customers in Japan should expect the same investment," said Jasper Cheung, president of Amazon Japan.

"We've been offering videos and DVDs in Japan for 15 years - we know the entertainment customers want, and we plan to deliver it with Prime Video at no additional cost."

Amazon's news follows the recent announcement that Netflix will partner communications company SoftBank for its launch in Japan on 2 September.

Netflix's subscription costs in Japan will range from 650-1,450 (about $5.40-$12) per month.