Piksel partners with Lingospot to provide enhanced video metadata



| 28 August 2015

Piksel has entered an exclusive partnership with real-time TV metadata provider Lingospot to launch hyper-personalised curation, intuitive search, intelligent advertising and enhanced content discovery.

The partnership is designed to make it possible to derive rich, scene-level metadata for each piece of content, comprising the subjects, themes, topics and concepts contained within it. Moreover it will offer the capability to use this compiled intelligence within Piksel's video solutions to drive content suggestions and advertising selections that are more personally relevant.

Explaining the move, the online video technology provider says that given the significant growth in the amount of quality content available to viewers and the increasing number of ways in which they can access, consume and interact with it, the problem of providing just the right content at just the right time has become more challenging. It sees the partnership as brining to its own offering Lingospot's ability to analyse video content, a combination it believes will create an opportunity to provide a truly innovative solution.

"Meeting the demands of the online audience and creating compelling user experiences requires deep understanding of the content itself, one that can be achieved with metadata," explained Piksel CTO Mark Christie. "This can be accomplished using easily accessible metadata about the video content, in combination with analysis of what occurs within the video content. Rich metadata can power increased usage and monetisation opportunities through effective content search, discovery, hyper-personalised recommendations and advertising. All of which play a key role in much-needed service differentiation."