Netflix is expected to have around 900,000 subscribers in France by the end of the year.

A study by NPA shows that Netflix is now leading the French SVOD market, beating CanalPlay, which had 640,000 at year end 2014.

NPA expects the number of Netflix subscribers to grow to 1.8 million at the end of 2016 and 2.7 million in 2018.

The company also researched the number of TV series and movies available on the different platforms. Netflix currently offers 11,000 titles, less than Netflix UK (16,200), but more than Netflix Germany (8,700). CanalPlay currently has 9,100.

The other SVOD platforms offer significantly less prgrammes: Jook (3,900 titles), Tfou Max (2,700), Club Vidéo SFR (1,900), Video Futur (1,300), Pass M6 (1,000) and Filmo TV (400).

Netflix offers 131 series of which 87 come from the US, and 12 from France. CanalPLay has 115 series, 48 from the US and 12 from France.

The chart below shows the number of TV series on the two platforms.