Hackers zero on media and entertainment industry



| 29 August 2015

No media and entertainment firm wants to be the next company after Sony to have the personal details of its customers hacked but new research indicates that the sector is under increasing attack.

According to leading IT security technology supplier Verisign’s latest quarterly distributed denial of service report DDoS Trends Report DDoS Trends Report looking at the three months to the end of June 2015, there has been a noticeable and alarming increase in attacks in the media and entertainment industry. Indeed Verisign revealed that the sector represented as much as a fifth of attack mitigations it carried out in the quarter.

The survey also showed that in Q2 2015 the media and entertainment sector witnessed the largest volumetric attack – an attempt to disrupt and cause congestion to services such as online video services by consuming bandwidth either within the target network or service or between the target network and service and the rest of the Internet. In other words: disrupting business. Verisign defended one flood targeting the media and entertainment industry with a mix of network time protocol (NTP) and simple service discovery protocol (SSDP) traffic peaking at as much as 82 Gbps and 22 Mpps, which would have caused severe disruption.

Also, worryingly as entertainment becomes a popular case model for the technique, IT services/cloud/SaaS customers experienced the largest volume of attacks in Q2, representing over a third of all attacks.