Ingeñuety launches to let Latinos set sail for mainstream


Juan Fernandez Gonzalez

| 29 August 2015

Amid changing US demographics where diversity, led by Hispanic groups, is driving important changes in the broadcasting industry, international business executive Sol Trujillo has joined Latino content and event producers David and Sarah Chavez to create Ingeñuity.

The company is a content and experiential event firm aiming to create, design and produce signature platforms connecting the world's most recognisable brands to people experiences. Its main goal is to become a leader in designing exciting broad-based media, digital and live event property platforms in culture, music, sports and comedy.

"Ingeñuity is a growth building agency for entities looking to connect with Ingeñuity”, said Trujillo. “We simply will be brand-building through innovation, delivering high-profile and meaningful 'connection' opportunities for clients”.

“Sol's partnership has fuelled the building of a team of branding, social media and connection innovators, along with our seasoned event producers to create a full service offering”, added Sarah Ruiz Chavez, president. “Our new name is all about our approach, execution and how we are developing programmes and properties reflective of the new mainstream growth”.

Corporate brands working with Ingeñuity created or produced content and events are AMC Theatres, Macy's, Southwest Airlines and the Los Angeles Times, among others.