Ziggo has started carrying the HbbTV signals with the four channels of SBS Broadcasting on part of its network.

The cabler has already been carrying HbbTV with the three main Dutch channels, NPO1, NPO2, and NPO3. Now, the four SBS channels have been added, SBS6, Net5, Veronica and SBS9.

However, coverage is limited to those parts of the network that are in former UPC footprint. The reason for this is that in the original Ziggo network the red button, which is used to activate the HbbTV services, is used for the network’s cloud TV services.

Also, HbbTV is only accessible for those people who have their TV set directly connected to the cable network, not via a set-top box; both the old Open TV mediaboxes as well as the Horizon STBs.

HbbTV services are inly available on a limited number of platforms in the country. KPN’s DTT service Digitenne and the Canal Digitaal Satelliet DTH service both carry HbbTV signalling.