The GS Group holding company has released a new twin-tuner server set-top box under the General Satellite brand, designed for the Russian market – GS E502.

The latest-generation digital set-top box allows watching satellite TV simultaneously on two screens: TV and tablet or smartphone. Tricolor TV, the Russian digital TV operator, has already confirmed its interest in this equipment.

The GS E502 server STB is aimed at providing a greater number of users with the opportunity to watch TV on mobile devices. Design of the new set-top box includes two DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners for receiving and transmitting the satellite signal simultaneously on a TV screen and a second screen: tablet or smartphone.

“Consumer devices that elaborate the possibility of mobile TV viewing are now more than ever in demand in the Russian telecommunication market. For our part, we see an intense interest of our subscribers in the Play. Tricolor application launched last year for viewing satellite TV on tablets and smartphones. For us it is especially important that GS Group, being a long-term technology partner of Tricolor TV, is able to provide relevant solutions to cater the users’ growing demand”, commented Evgeny Mikheichev, head of the technology marketing department of Tricolor TV.