Proximus is launching the Swipebox, a solution for “swiping” photos, videos and music to the TV screen via a smartphone or tablet.

The new box is placed between the IPTV set-top from Proxiums and the customer’s TV set, and will ‘swipe’ personal content from smartphone or tablet, but also services on internet including stream web radio stations, Proximus Cloud, Picasa, Flickr, YouTube, and Facebook.

People need to donload the Swipebox app on their smartphone or tablet and connect the devices to the same WiFi network in order for the content to be swiped to the main (connected) TV screen.

Swipebox_Proximus“With the SwipeBox, the TV becomes more than a TV. For Proximus customers, it becomes the central screen in their home for sharing their most beautiful holiday snaps, favorite YouTube clips or best selfies with family and friends. With just one simple “swipe” on a smartphone or tablet they can enjoy the content together on the largest screen in the home,” according to Proximus.

The device is available for purchase for €59.95.

The video below shows the way the Proximus Swipebox works (video available in Dutch only)