Tata Sky launches new STB


Rebecca Hawkes

| 01 September 2015

Indian direct-to-home (DTH) TV operator Tata Sky is launching a new set-top box (STB) to allow subscribers to transfer recorded content from the box to other connected devices using Wi-Fi.

The STB, called Tata Sky+ Transfer, has been in development for three years, and the company says it is the first time such technology has been introduced in Asia.

To ensure content providers are protected from piracy, the content which is available through the Tata Sky app will not be transferred as a video file, in order to prevent users sharing it or uploading it.

"Moreover, the content is self destructive, the duration of the content varies from broadcaster to broadcaster, but after a certain period the content will get destroyed automatically," Tata Sky chief communications officer Malay Dikshit told IndianTelevision.com.

The new STB will enable subscribers to view Tata Sky content on their tablets or phones, rather than being tied to the TV.

"While we have STBs that allow one to record content and play it later, we realised there is a large section of people who don't have the time to sit in front of the TV set to watch content. This STB is targeted at such consumers," Tata Sky's chief executive Harit Nagpal is quoted as saying in Business Standard.

The new STBs are priced at INR9,300 for new customers and INR7,200 for existing Tata Sky subscribers.