International fashion broadcaster Fashion One has launched Fashion 4K on September 1, 2015, marking the world’s first free-to-air global Ultra HD channel.

The New York-based channel focusing on fashion, entertainment and lifestyle is broadcasting in Europe under the name Fashion 4K while the Fashion One 4K brand is used in Asia, North America and Latin America.

DTH satellite households in Europa can receive Fashion 4K on Astra (19.2° East) on the frequency 11.112 GHz H (SR 22,000, FEC 2/3). In addition to the Ultra HD format, the channel is simulcast in HD resolution for viewers not yet owning an Ultra HD TV set. Both Fashion 4K and HD version Fashion 4K Preview are unencrypted.

For the Asia-Pacific region, Fashion One 4K broadcasts on MEASAT 3A (91.5° East) on the frequency 4.120 GHz H (SR 30,000, FEC 5/6) while SES-3 (103° West) on 4.140 GHz V (SR 30,000, FEC 5/6) is used for North America and NSS-806 (47.5° West) on 4.178 GHz L (SR 30,000, FEC 2/3) serves Latin America.